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Room Four Term One Week Four

on February 23, 2014

Kia Ora!
I hope that you all enjoyed the sunshine and cooler temperatures this weekend. I love hot weather however it was hard going for the children last week! We are so lucky to have that last Swimming slot. Speaking of Swimming, they are doing so well, it has been great to get so many sessions in and they are all becoming increasingly confident in the water which is wonderful to see.
Thank you to those of you who came to Meet the Teacher on Tuesday.  We hope that you found it useful, please if you do have any questions/concerns see me! I am available before and after school and via email. 
We are now full swing into our Literacy program. If you have noticed that your child’s Handwriting is a little ‘shaky’ they may benefit from some fine motor development activities (finger strengthening). This website has some fun ideas to aid fine motor control.
Some other things which help develop this are things like: pegging pegs onto objects (you could turn it into a funny game like clipping onto your t-shirt, counting as you go). Another good idea is to get an old phone book and rip out pages and scrunch them up,  or to see how many paper clips you can join within a certain time (you could turn it into a competition). 
I hope you got our notice about our Crazy Hat Day this Friday.  Come and join us and enjoy all the crazy hats (made at home please!), watch the parade and see the kids play some games.  We will end with morning tea (children to have their normal morning tea/or something special bought from home).  It starts at 9.15 so feel free to drop your child/ren off and stay at school.   It should be finished by 10.15/10.30ish.
Last week our SHARP winner was Kane, he has been SHARP in all areas but has made exceptional progress with his water confidence in Swimming. Well done Kane 🙂 
Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow 🙂



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