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Room Four Term One Week Five

on March 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Well we are into March already, luckily we seem to still be experiencing Summer weather, let’s hope it lasts! πŸ™‚

First of all I have to say how proud I was of all of Room Four on Friday at our Swimming Sports. What a great afternoon it was. Well done to everyone in Room Four for taking part and showing us what you can do in the water!

Remember tomorrow (Monday) is our trip to Cobblestones. We will leave school around 10.15, walk down and have morning tea when we arrive. Children will be put into groups at Cobblestones and wander around with a parent/teacher and complete the scavenger hunt that Cobblestones has set up for school visits. The children won’t fill in the booklet just the parent or teacher. Please remember morning tea, lunch, shoes, hats, drinks and sunscreen (that goes for children as well as adults coming), it looks like we are in for a HOT day!

On Friday we didn’t find out who the SHARP award winner was because of Swimming Sports so I will award it tomorrow.

Syndicate Assembly is on Friday at 11:30 and we are going to be hosting it. You are all welcome to attend.

Goal setting interviews are set for Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th March. There are 10 minute time slots available where I will talk to you about the next learning steps for your child. These meetings are not to discuss where your child is at academically. I am happy to meet with you to discuss this another time, if you wish. At the meetings I will talk to you about the next steps for your child. The school website will have a link to make a booking online for either the 17th or 18th.

Wednesday 1st April the school will be holding an Open Day. This will provide you with a chance to pop into the classes to see what happens during the day, and even an opportunity to visit other classes through the school. This then gives you a good sense on what you and your child can expect as they progress through the school.

I wanted to share this link with you, I thought that it summed up learning to read pretty well πŸ™‚ It is not only a good thing for parents to realise but for anyone working with young children too πŸ™‚

See you tomorrow,

Ali πŸ™‚

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